Inspiring Giant Leaps

Mankind has always looked to the stars with wonder. Recent generations have advanced our knowledge to greater levels and helped us to better understand our place in the universe. This quest for knowledge and drive to explore has underpinned mankind’s journey to space and the dawning of a new age of discovery. It is this spirit of excitement and aspiration that we want to catalyse and nurture through this exciting project.

Planetariwm Wales is an innovative, world leading proposal, which will create a facility that will enable Wales to make a global contribution to society’s understanding of our place in the universe. By enhancing our understanding of our planet and its solar system and by using the best of Welsh talent, expertise and innovation, we aim to create a centre of education, discovery, exploration and entertainment, which will inspire both current and future generations.

The location we have selected for this project is the former Tower Colliery, in Aberdare, South Wales, site of the only worker-owned mine in the world. With support, both financially and through collaboration, we will realise our vision for a planetarium which will deliver employment, education, information, research, economic contributions and inspiration, and allow Wales to make an enhanced contribution towards mankind’s understanding of the universe.

Wales' first national planetarium aims to be:
  • A landmark visitor attraction with market penetration across the UK and internationally
  • A centre for the promotion and support of science, technology, engineering, and maths education across Wales
  • A facility for leading-edge research and development in the field of digital visualisation, hosting university graduate and post-graduate courses
  • A beacon for Welsh economic development in the field of digital media, fostering relationships with the global industry
  • A showcase for the wider redevelopment of the Tower Regeneration estate
  • A catalyst for future employment investment and the development of science and technology business along the western section of the Heads of the Valleys corridor
  • A centre for the digital delivery of world class entertainment and sporting events
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